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P.J. Oswald Sacramento Photographer Photo

P.J. Oswald

Photographer #1. Tech nerd. Music nut. Mountain biker. Follower of Jesus. Father of three. Husband to her. Snips and snails.


Erica Oswald Sacramento Photographer Photo

Erica Oswald

Photographer #2. Gifted decorator. Kitchen master. Connector. Follower of Jesus. Mother of three. Wife to him. Sugar and spice.

Every photographer has a love story to tell. Here’s ours:

In preparation for a family vacation to Scotland, my wife Erica suggested that we invest in a real camera–something worthy of the scenery and greenery of the Scottish isles. After a bit of online shopping, a package from Nikon arrived at our front door. Did she know that this box would take us down one of life’s most unexpected detours? I began a love affair with photography on that trip. Kids, castles, “hairy coos”, and wild highland landscapes became a revelation that just had to be captured on film…or, uh, SD cards. And when the camera wasn’t in my hands, Erica took her turn behind the lens renewing the photography skills she had picked up in high school years earlier. We returned home with 2500 photos and a new hobby.

“We blend a homegrown eye for photography with technical shooting and post-production know-how. And we deliver the sort of care and service you’d expect from old friends.”

A year passed and our computer was full of photos. I just had to share. I started Fits and Stops Photography Blog as an outlet to display those photos and compose the quirky stories behind them. Erica humored me as I spent hours editing, writing, and tweeting. Then came the first requests for me to do photography work. Erica and I already had jobs, but were compelled to fit in photography on the side—shooting in fits and stops. Stops of light, that is. Today, photography is my primary pursuit and Erica lends a hand as needed.

We are the husband and wife duo behind Fits and Stops Photography. Specializing in photojournalistic wedding photography, we blend a homegrown eye for photography with technical shooting and post-production know-how. We deliver the care and service you’d expect from old friends. We also speak geek, fluently.

But enough about us. You’re here, potentially looking for a photographer who can accomplish your goals and get the look you’re hoping for. You’ve got timelines, deadlines, and lots of poses in mind. Or not. Either way, we’d like to get to know you and learn what kind of photographs would make your day. Or year. If you like what you see on our site, consider hiring us for your wedding, engagement, or portraits. We’d love the chance to capture unforgettable images that convey just who you are.

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